Custom Automation

Mesa has provided custom equipment, machines, and systems to industrial and government clients for over 20 years, first under Mesa Associates, Inc., now as Mesa Technologies. Working out of our 42,000 sq. ft. shop, clients benefit from our multi-discipline engineering staff of designers, machinists, assembly, and programmers. Our approach to manufacturing through engineering provides peace of mind to our customers from initial design to operation. Added value is one of the reasons customers come back to us again and again.

“In-House” Philosophy

At Mesa Technologies, Inc. (MTI), we believe that quality, lead time, and ownership are best when we rely on in-house resources. Therefore, Design, Fabrication, Assembly, and Controls are all dedicated MTI associates.

Assembly Solutions
  • Palletized Conveyor Systems
    Conveyors systems to transfer workpieces thru multiple machines, usually including assembly and inspection machines.  Typical manufacturers include: Bosch/Rexroth, Flexlink, AMC, etc.
  • Assembly Machines
    Our assembly machines use a wide range of component assembly methods.  These can either be part of a palletized system or a stand-alone machine.  Both can be designed for fully automatic or semi-automatic operation.  Some typical processes include:
    • Screwdrivers / Nutrunners (FEC, Weber, Dixon, etc.)
    • Presses / Servo Presses (IAI, FEC, Promess, TOX Pressotechnik, etc.)
    • MiG, Laser, Ultrasonic, RF and Plasma welders
    • Laser Markers
  • Inspection Machines
    Various dimensional and/or electrical inspection processes utilizing LVDT’s, vision, or electrical test equipment (hi-pot, surge, resistance, etc.)
  • Digital Transformation / MES
    We can integrate machines we build into your existing MES or create a cell-based MES.  Our sister company, Mesa Associates Inc., can support the implementation of an enterprise-wide MES for overall Digital Transformation to Industry 4.0 standards.   
Material Handling
  • Palletizers
    Robotic part picking using fixtured tray or 2D / 3D bin picking.  Applications include: picking a workpiece from a tote to a processing machine, picking a processed workpiece from a machine into a tote, or stacking / de-stacking boxes on a pallet.
  • AGV
    Implementation of AGVs for part conveyance. We can also design and build automation to load/unload the AGVs through pick-and-place systems, conveyor-to-conveyor docking, karakuri, etc.
  • Part conveyance
    Product movement by conveyor from point to point utilizing bins, direct belt contact, spiral conveyor systems, etc.
  • Machine Tending
    Automatic load/unload of CNC or other self-contained machine tools, traditionally loaded by a human.
Robotic Applications

MTI can program complex motions including liquid dispensing and weld path motions.  Also, various pick & place functions including EOAT design.   Pick and place applications can be combined with tray changers using fixtured trays for palletizing functions.   Vision guided application including 2D and 3D bin picking can also be incorporated in the design. 

  • Industrial Robots – Fanuc, Yaskawa/Motoman, DENSO
  • Cobots – UR
Vision Systems

MTI has designed and built numerous stand-alone and integrated vision systems.  Usual applications include – dimensional check to verify a feature is within specification, verification that a feature is presence / absence on a workpiece, OCR/barcode/QR Code recognition and verification.  Manufacturers commonly used – Keyence, Cognex, etc.

Process Skids

MTI has experience building process skids for a wide range of customers including chemical, petroleum  and nuclear industries.  Contact us for a quote on your existing design.  If design is required, our partner company, Mesa Associates can provide design services.

Process Skids
Custom Automation Robots
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