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Mesa Technologies is an authorized reseller of Fluke’s Vibration Monitoring Products and Services.  We provide wireless vibration monitoring and data analysis solutions ideal for hazardous and secure locations at your facility.  We also offer hand-held data collection devices, site setup, training, and data analysis services aimed to significantly improve preventative maintenance scheduling and effectiveness.  Under the Fluke Reliability banner, you can be confident in our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to help maximize your plant’s operational reliability and efficiency.

Fluke Watchman Air Diagram
Watchman AIRTM Wireless System

Watchman AIRTM is a high-resolution wireless vibration monitoring system used for early detection of component failures. Triaxial vibration sensors transmit data to a cloud-ready gateway that bridges the sensors to the PredictivePortalTM. PredictivePortalTM is the user interface where vibration data can be displayed and analyzed to produce health scores, system alerts, fault diagnosis, and more.

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  • Accel 360 Wireless Sensors
    Accel 360 sensors are capable of triaxial or in-line axis vibration measurements and utilizes a self-healing mesh network to transmit and route data. With a sample rate of 26.7 kHz, temperature measurement capability, and a 3+ year battery life, the Accel 360 is well suited for a broad range of vibration monitoring applications.
  • Wireless Gateways
    The Accel Gateway passes data collected by the sensors to the cloud for storage and analysis via wired or wireless connection. Gateways are pre-configured to support the PredictivePortalTM and are available in two options:  Standard for IP-20 rated environments, and Industrial which carries an IP66/IP67 rating.
  • Diagnostic Software
    Fluke’s ALERTTM Vibration Diagnostic Software provides early warning of equipment failure by comparing vibration data to 6,000+ unique diagnostic rules. The resulting analysis is used to identify over 1,200 fault conditions, make repair recommendations, prioritize actions, and display a wide variety of preventative maintenance information to the user.
  • Hand-held Data Collection
    For situations that call for manual data acquisition, Fluke offers the TRIO® handheld controller. TRIO® is a rugged portable data collection tablet featuring an 8.1” Captive Touchscreen and a 12-hour standard battery; 10” tablet also available. TRIO® comes with Windows 10 Professional and is Watchman Portal enabled so you can connect to your network or operate as a standalone device.
  • Online Monitoring Components
    Watchman Models i110/i120 and SPRITETM i800 data collectors are designed for hardwired connections to equipment vibration sensors. Models i110/i120 are ideal for monitoring low RPM machinery such as slow speed gearboxes while the SPRITETM i800 is better suited for inaccessible, critical assets. Watchman online components are Wi-Fi compatible, and support hardwire ethernet connections for network access.

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